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Welcome to Glacier Camera Club

The Glacier Camera Club is a loose knit organization of very talented photographers who have varying photographic interests. We get together the second Thursday of every month at the Pin & Cue Bowling Alley in Whitefish MT. Our club welcomes anybody who wishes to attend or receive a newsletter. The newsletters are available on site.

Some of us do great landscapes while others are interested in wildlife, sports, still life, flowers or commercial work. Our club like many others has changed drastically in the type of equipment we use. Several years ago 90% of us used film. Now just the opposite is true, most club members use digital cameras. Several of our members have published books and others are full time Photographers.

We hope that you enjoy our work here on the Glacier Camera Club web site. All images are copyrighted by the photographer and Glacier Camera Club. If you are interested in ordering a print, please contact the photographer directly.

Images should be in jpg format, width of 1400px x 1050px height or vice verse, 60% jpg quality 72 dpi, for optimum viewing. Please put the images in a directory/folder with your name on them. Example /Adele32014. Please no spaces or character's in the name of your images. Please limit the number of your photos to 25 or under.

Glacier Camera Club Member Photos

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