Croissant Art Critique at the Hockaday on Saturday, October 27th, 2007.


As was brought up at the October meeting I would like to organize a series of workshops regarding the use of Photoshop. My purpose is to learn more about Photoshop and being able to share what I know. It seems that with the number of members we have if everybody knows just a little and is willing to share their knowledge we have a wealth of collective information about Photoshop.

My thought is to have an organizational meeting where we could have a few people demonstrate what they use Photoshop for. Then we could brain-storm and decide on what topics people would like to pursue in depth and come up with some scheduling. I would like to elicit, cajole or draft some volunteers willing to do some demos. I will be the first to commit to doing a couple demos: I will demo how I'm blending images to increase depth of focus and how images can be blended to compensate for excessive differences in lighting. Other ideas might be a demo on using layers, adjustments, cropping, workflow, using Bridge, saving work etc. Hopefully others will have other and better ideas. If you do have input please contact me.

I'm going to be gone most of November, including the Nov. meeting so I would like to suggest that before, during or after the Dec. meeting we discuss a time and format for the first workshop. I'm thinking early in Jan. for a start, may be after the Jan. meeting, a time and place to be determined, and maybe a list of people willing to share their knowledge. If any of these interests you please e-mail me and give me your ideas. My e-mail is (there is an underscore ( _ ) between the two 'd's', it hidden by the underlining). My phone number is 752-5852.

Doug Dye


There is nothing remarkable about the attached image -- except for the circumstances under which it was taken. This is a handheld image by moonlight.

It's a bit grainy/noisy, the resolution is a bit on the low side, and I was fortunate to have held the camera steady at a shutter speed of 1/6th second -- not an image to send an art director leaping for joy -- but it's actually good enough for a small print or halftone.

For a fairly rigorous, but excellent, discussion of the technical details, I recommend:

What fascinates me about this experiment is that I obtained my image using a consumer grade DSLR and an f/1.8 prime lens. The just announced Nikon D3 has a maximum sensitivity of ISO-equivalent 25,000, and Nikon still makes an f/1.2 50mm. I think the day of handheld street photography by moonlight is upon us.

Glacier Park
Glacier Camera Club