Glacier Park Photography

Glacier Park Photogaphy

EB Gilliland grew up in the Flathead Valley, Montana and has always loved the history of the area.  “The only way to preserve history is to share it with people,” Gilliland said.  He created the 344 gallery which is home to vintage photography collections; including the of building the Hungry Horse Dam, Marion Lacy Collection, historic Whitefish, Kalispell, Glacier National Park and Columbia Falls Photography.  Featuring legendary Photographers: Marion Lacy, Ferde Greene, RE Marble, TJ Hileman, Ed Gilliland and more.

EB Gilliland is an award winning landscape photographer who has had a camera as a constant companion for over thirty years. Most of his work is done with a medium format (6X9cm) camera from which very large prints can be made. In recent years he has done more large format work. (4X5 and 8X10 inch camera’s) The bulk of his work is from Northwest Montana but he has also worked in Arizona, Utah, California, and other Western States. Over the years Ed has done both black & white and color photographs but is best known for his beautifully composed color prints of Glacier National Park in Montana.